8 Benefits to Dating A Single Mom or Dad?

                      8 Benefits to Dating A Single Mom or Dad?

What’s the benefit of dating a single mom or dad? There are several benefits to dating single parents.  As a single mom and  listening to other single parents over the years I’ve observed a few reasons why you shouldn’t shewn the idea.

Here’s why…

For one a single mom or dad isn’t looking to replace their children’s parent.  What they are looking for is someone for them.  On the contrary that’s not to say they wouldn’t desire someone whom will respect, treat them well and even like their children.  Be that as it may they may still be assessing if you would be a good step parent to their children.

Consider that…

Most single parents have a very busy schedule, therefor you won’t be bothered with phone calls throughout the day. In addition just hanging out on the phone having frivolous conversations will most likely be cut short.  Unless he/she genuinely enjoy your company whether in person or on the phone.

As a matter of fact you may not hear from them for some days unless you call of course. Yet and still don’t let this discourage you. Oh and be prepared for that spontaneous phone call that couldn’t be planned.  Hey look at this way, it adds a sense of excitement, adrenaline and mystery to the relationship, right?

Should your single parent date have older children, like between the ages of 8 – 18 you’re pretty much good to go as far as going on planned dates.  Now this is also predicated on the fact that the child’s/children’s father is still involved in their lives.


Because usually there will be planned scheduled calendar visits whereby they are visiting the other parent for a specified time. This is not to say it doesn’t happen with children younger then 8 years old, it just isn’t that often as the older child.

Also at the age of 8 and older they pretty much can fend for themselves and have a good grasp on their family structure.


Another thing to consider is:

Most single parents have been in previous relationships. Therefor will take their time in getting to know you and developing a meaningful relationship.  Coupled with the fact that most single parents were either married and is now
spouse was killed in the military
or a spouse died due to illness.  Uniquely they are not into playing emotional, financial nor mind games.

Did you know…

Single moms and dads are very good with emergencies, and making sure the date is a success?  Yes! Although things can go wrong, however you can rest assured that the children are in good hands while she/he is with you.

Not to mention you won’t have to worry about him/her getting drunk and embarrassing you.  Those days are over considering they usually have to be up quite early.  That is to say unless you can help out with making sure he/she can stay out into the wee hours and sleep in the next day.

All in all due to the discipline most single parents have you won’t have a hangover issue to contend with the next day.

Now, if you don’t have children and don’t want any, then you shouldn’t be considering dating a single parent.  Likewise if you have children of your own, its okay to plan something together with your children.  Just be sure that you both agree and is ready to make this step.  Although this can happen on the very first date.  There is no set rules in my opinion.  Follow your heart and intuition.

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