My Baby Won’t Sleep…Help!

My Baby Won’t Sleep…Help!

If your baby is not sleeping well, waking up regularly throughout the night, or just won’t go to sleep and its keeping you from getting a good nights sleep then this article is for you.

Instant Baby Sleep

It can be a daunting task and at times a down right battle to get an infant to sleep.  A sleep routine for your baby is extremely important to understand because it’s the most vital aspect to helping your baby sleep.  This will also foster  good sleeping habits that will continue as your child grows up.

Even as adults we live by our daily routines in which most of them started in childhood by our parents.  Consequently you’ll want to establish a sleep routine early in your child’s life.  The benefits of doing this allows you to see which parts of your babies routine you can control and which part you can’t.  This is where Instant Baby Sleep sound track will make an invaluable tool as part of your baby’s nightly sleep routine.  Every time you use it as part of your sleeping routine, your baby will fall asleep that much faster.  He/She will come to know the sequence of events and will automatically start getting ready for sleep.

For example: Let’s say every evening at 8:00pm is bath time.  After you’re done bathing him/her they are dressed in their pajamas and then given a little snack, sung a lullaby or read a story from their favorite book-you play the Instant Baby Sleep soundtrack  while putting her/him in their bed and then darkening the room.  By doing this every evening or whenever your baby needs to sleep, will help your baby fall asleep fast and stay asleep longer.

Understanding your baby sleep cycles

Instant Baby Sleep

Between 3 – 6 months, many babies are able to sleep no more than about 6 hours. But just as you think your baby is getting into a nice routine usually between 6 and 9 months natural developmental stages can throw things off. For instance, when your baby begins to associate bedtime with being left alone, he/she may start crying just to keep you around. Therefore starting a routine early is vital. And every time this routine is reinforced your baby will fall asleep faster and more easily. That may sound idealistic but I can promise you if you stick to implementing these simple sleeping tips with the help of Instant Baby Sleep soundtrack, you will see a drastic improvement.

Sleeping Baby

With practice using the sound track as part of your bed time sequence of events, you will be very pleased with the ease and pleasure of putting your child to sleep.
Instant Baby Sleep

The sequence of events helps your baby to get into sleeping mode.  And because they are becoming familiar with the routine he/she will look forward to bedtime and the Instant Baby Sleep sound-track  will help them relax more easily.  Enforcing this routine is so effective that the baby may even start to fall asleep before the full sequence of events has been completed.  This is a good opportunity to teach them how to fall asleep on their own without you having to be there.  While it is natural for babies to cry themselves to sleep this can be nerve racking and heart breaking for some parents.  Instant Baby Sleep

Get started implementing your unique bedtime sequence of events today, and stick with it.  Here’s an added bonus  the Instant Baby Sleep sound-track also has an embedded pulse to lull baby into the sleepy brain state faster.

Baby not sleeping

In this video you will see the power and simplicity of fostering a good baby sleep routine. It was established through the use of the Instant Baby Sleep sound track:

Infant sleeping patterns

Instant Baby Sleep

As you can see once the mother and baby establishes a good routine, putting your child to sleep becomes easier and will happen in an instant.

To my amazement people have reported being able to lull their  baby to sleep in only 12 seconds! That’s why we call this baby sleep sound track the Instant Baby Sleep sound track. Now of course your baby may not fall asleep in 12 seconds the very first time they hear the CD, however with practice and as part of your sleep routine it will happen.

What is the Instant Baby Sleep sound track?

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