What is coaching?

Coaching:  So exactly what is coaching?  And how is it different from a therapist or psychiatrist?

Coaching helps parents in strategizing their ideas to do something to achieve the relationship results with their child/children.  A Parenting Coach is someone who guides the parent to achieving their desired results.

Lets start by saying what Coaching will not do:

  1. A Coach will not prescribe medication to you nor your children/child
  2. He/She will not tell YOU what to do
  3. They will never share YOUR information with anyone, everything is confidential

Here’s what we will do:

  1. We will Get CLEAR on the relationship you want with your child/children.
  2. You will be given advanced tools to build TRUST and establish your authority.
  3. We will design a plan of action so that you start to receive RESPECT, COOPERATION& OBEDIENCE.
  4. We will guide you to determine your Parenting style & family values.
  5. You will learn how to manage your priorities to gain more time in a day.
  6. Review your progress and family vision What Is Coaching?

Are you getting the Respect that you deserve?

Is your child/children out of  control & Disobedient?

Do you feel overwhelmed and stressed?

Do you trust your teenager, do they Trust you?

Is your child/children Cooperative?

If you answered no to 1, 4 & 5 and yes to 2 & 3.  You may benefit from  Coaching.

Ask yourself these questions:

As a Single Parent where would you like your relationship with your child/children to be in the next 6 months to a year?

What do you think could be standing in the way of you realizing this?

What would be the best part about it? and Why?

The transition to parenthood  is one of the most joyous, scariest and anticipated event in our life. It is also a time when we start to contemplate changing our mindset and habits. The constant juggling of the everyday mundane needs of children can be a bit much.  Along with the challenges of guiding them to be emotionally healthy, respectful and  happy children. Then there’s deadlines or obligations at work along with your own needs   It can be overwhelming and it is no wonder parents are stressed and wondering where to turn for help.

Schedule YOUR 45 minute discovery session today.  Contact me and choose a date & time that best suits YOUR schedule.  What is coaching?

I look forward to helping you achieve the awesome parent child relationship you desire and deserve.


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