How to Get More Energy & Stay Healthy for Single Parents

How to Get More Energy & Stay Healthy for Single Parents

How to Get More Energy & Stay Healthy for Single Parents|One of the questions I’m getting from single parents is how do I have the energy to do all the things I need to do?  To point out most single mothers I coach has more than 1 young child under 12 at home.
Furthermore they work full time jobs and run businesses in corporate America or at home.  And while some have cars to get around to run errands others use public transportation.  Comparatively this often times can lend to draining more of your energy.  Because it takes longer to get somewhere which uses up more of your time. This is an important topic because so many of us just feel so drained.  For this reason we are not parenting our children with our best effort.  There could be various things that can be draining our energy.  It could be 1 thing or a combination of things.  While each individual situation is different, I will be generalized in our attempt to give you something that may be of immediate help to you.
So lets explore the various causes that could be draining your energy.  With this in mind lets look at it from a physical standpoint.  In particular making sure that you are eating healthy food.  For instance making sure you add organic green raw vegetables to your meals.   Together with eating organic raw fruit and drinking plenty of clean water.   Coupled with getting enough sleep for your body’s rhythm.

How to get the energy & stay healthyComparatively there are some people whom only need 5 hours of sleep while others need 9 hours.  In this instance be sure to establish a routine for getting ready for bed.  As an example you might take a bath or sit quietly for 10 minutes to relax your mind from the day.  Equally important is to check to see if there are any health issues that may need to be examined. Not to mention if there are any medications that may cause you to feel tired?
Another key point after seeing that you’re physically healthy is to look at your emotional health.  All things considered this is often over looked by single mothers.   As a result the feelings of loneliness, being alone, or lonesomeness is never recognized as systems of low energy.   Another contributor is being unorganized in your daily routine.  Because not being productive yet seemingly very busy can be draining on your psyche.  Not to mention not accomplishing the most important things first.

Equally important is managing your money efficiently.  In the event that an emergency may happen you are relaxed that you can take care of it.  In light of having an emergency fund set aside be sure to pay yourself first.  For instance you could pay yourself 10% of your net monthly earnings?  As an example if your net earnings for 2 weeks of work is $800, then you would award yourself $80.  As a result its amazing how this increases your energy level and self esteem.

Another key point that is often over looked is socializing. Do you socialize  with family, friends, neighbors, acquaintances, your children?  Consequently socializing raises your self esteem and feel good hormones.  Surprisingly this gives you more energy and vitality!  In addition studies have shown that laughing and socializing releases feel good hormones which has healing properties to boot.  Are you laughing daily?

Pay yourself first

At length we all know the effects of being stressed.  Its a sneaky little emotion that can reap havoc on an unsuspecting mother.  So ask yourself if you are stressed.  And if so about what?  With this in mind look at what you can do about it and then face it head on.  In other words move into action to solve the issue that’s stressing you.

Correspondingly see if the children can help out with certain chores around the house?   Of course your children should be assigned house chores according to their age and ability to follow instructions.

Are you working in a job you don’t like?  If this is yes, then you may have to look for something else even though the pay may be to your liking.

I can relate to all of these energy drainers being a single mother myself.  And what I have discovered is that one little tweak can go a long ways.  For instance I had one mother who stopped eating after 7pm.  And when she felt hungry she would drink something warm.  Coupled with making sure she wasn’t feeling lonely or stressed she would eat something like celery with avocado.   I suggested that when she is preparing her normal meals and late evening snacks, to put love into it, enjoy preparing it, be into the colors and smells of the food.  Another mother found out she has a thyroid condition and was placed on medication, and I suggested some natural products, food and herbs that support the thyroid gland to eat along with taking the medication.  She recently reported to me that she is full of energy and is now getting organized and dancing with her children.   To emphasize another mother I coached loved her job.  And she used the public transportation, so she had to get up extra early to get the children dressed and ready for daycare, and school.  Furthermore she would drop them off at different locations and then have to get to work on time.  And then doing it over again coming home.  Granted once we found her energy leaks we were able to free up more time for her to relax.  In detail she would cook dinner every evening, then help her children with school work, and finally get their clothes ready for the next day.  In light of the time spent on these important task we eliminated cooking daily to preparing the meals on the weekend.  Including getting the clothes ready for the week on Sunday.  Continuing we agreed on making extra meals for the week and then freezing some for quick meals when needed.  In conclusion we designated a day for an hour of me time for her to just relax.  In the meantime her children would watch a program on T.V. or   take a nap.  At length she made some other adjustments as well and is amazed at how much energy she has.

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In my final analysis a lot of single moms are just winging it.  In fact most don’t have a clue as to what type of family life they want with their children.  Consequently most mothers only concern themselves with providing food, clothes and a roof over their children’s heads.  That is to say the house is usually chaotic, noisy and the children are undisciplined.  Not only do your son/daughter feel your stress from not having energy, they get stressed too.  Thus they are given to fighting each other, or becoming out of control.  Due to that fact that you’re too tired to direct their energy it is hard for them to cooperate with you.
Now ask yourself, what would the idea day look like for me if I did__________differently.

What would it feel like?
What type of home do I want for me?
What type of home do I want for my children to grow up in?
How do I want to feel every day no matter what?
Given these points I know this for sure, if your relationship with your children is one of harmony you’ll have the energy you need to do all the things you need to do.
Definitely once you hone in to these questions and are able to answer them honestly, you will find your energy coming back.  Because now you have something to look forward to that you are creating yourself.
A very successful person mentor said to me once that “Happiness Is the Realization of a Worth While Dream” Dexter Yeager.  What is your dream home, atmosphere, job, career and relationship with your children?  Start there.