My mission is to help you have respectful obedient cooperative children who listen to you

Meet Victoria 

Hi I am a Single Mom of 2 sons, a Mom-preneur, blog talk radio co- host, founder of "Stress Free Parenting Mastery" online course and an Author of a downloadable ebook. I lead a very busy life. Welcome! its a pleasure to meet you.

People have always complimented me on my children's behavior how "chilled out" they seem to be and healthy they look. They would ask me questions such as, "how did you get them to behave so well and what are you feeding them?"

I never thought anything about it and didn't know how to answer their questions. Because in my mind they were behaving as I expected. As time went on the compliments and questions continued. And I would freely give my suggestions, advice and methods to help their situations. A lot of those Parents would come back and share with me their results and outcomes from practicing my methods.  I would celebrate their success and send them off with more suggestions to maintain their new relationship with their child/children.

One day someone whom I had helped amend a broken trust with their son suggested I write a book or do a seminar! I thought oh nooo! who am I to "tell" people how to raise their child/children. This person looked me straight in my eyes and said, "but Victoria you have already been doing this." And you have helped a lot of us have the relationship we've always wanted.

So I decided to receive my certification through a very thorough training using Joe Vitale's Miracle Coaching program. After graduating and receiving my Certification I set out on a mission to help as many Parents as I can have obedient, respectful, cooperative children who listen to them.

Single Mom - Victoria

Single Mom


Me and my children
River walk

I live in San Antonio with my Sons Tariq and Rafeeq