My Baby Won’t Sleep…Help!

If your baby is not sleeping well, waking up regularly throughout the night, or just won’t go to sleep and its keeping you from getting a good nights sleep then this article is for you.

Instant Baby Sleep

It can be a daunting task and at times a down right battle to get an infant to sleep.  A sleep routine for your baby is extremely important to understand because it’s the most vital aspect to helping your baby sleep.  This will also foster  good sleeping habits that will continue as your child grows up.


Family Is Business 

Family is business. What is the definition of family? According to Webster dictionary, a family is two or more people who share goals and values.  In addition, they have long-term commitments to one another and usually reside in the same dwelling place. Moreover, the members have a group of things related by common characteristics.
What is the definition of business?  According to free dictionary,  a business is a rightful concern or responsibility of a person and partnership. In addition, it includes a corporation engaged in commerce, manufacturing, or a service for a profit.
This is the definition we will be working with for this subject because it accurately interprets the household unit for humans. The second meaning of business interprets everything else. When looking at the two definitions of each word, they may not seem to be related to one another.  However, as we explore this idea, we will see how these definitions coincide with each other. Moreover how they are woven and carried out into every fabric of our lives.  Family Is Business

That being said when we look at our world we see corporations, businesses, and systems in place that govern our lives. Even when we speak about the Government we’re talking about people. Therefore it’s people that are carrying out various responsibilities to keep commitments, in partnerships that are engaging in some sort of commerce. And within all of these systems, corporations, businesses, and partnerships are members of a family. Further more it is the language that is used in our society that blinds us to the fact that all of these systems are run by these families.  So words like the company, management, executives, government and so forth cause us to be ambiguous this fact.  Therefor it surmises to say that it is families that run everything, and these families form corporations, businesses, and partnerships, etc.   (more…)

Potty Training: How and When to Start

Potty training is a major milestone for toddlers.  However rewarding until its accomplished it is not a fun process for mom nor your toddler.  Like most mothers and fathers you’re probably trying everything from rewarding them for sitting long enough to release to putting the potty in front of the T.V.


And you may be resorting to standing there holding them down.   Meanwhile the more creative you get in attempting to get your toddler’s cooperation it can began to feel like an exhausting power struggle.

Check out this informational graph.  Its fun and yet explains a lot.

potty train   (more…)

How to End the Power Struggle

Power struggle: That feeling when you can’t seem to get your young ones to cooperate with you.  First of all you are the Mother/Father in this relationship.  And you weigh over 100 pounds more and was once a child yourself. With that being our premise, lets look at the different ways in which this is happening and at what age? Also if we are re-acting or responding to our children’s behaviors.
Okay before we began lets look at the difference between when we are re-acting and when we are responding to our children.
Now a ccording to MerriamWebster dictionary reacting is an action or attitude that shows disagreement with or disapproval of someone or something.
And responding is to have a good or desired reaction to something, to say or write something as an answer to a question or a request.
Equally important the Medical Dictionary definition of ADHD is a childhood mental disorder with onset occurring before 7 years of age. The symptoms are involving impaired or diminished attention, impulsivity, and hyperactivity.  Also called hyperactive child syndrome in the twentieth century.   (more…)

Learn How to Teach Your Child to Read As Young As 3 Years Old!

Can My Child Read? More and more parents are asking this question for their pre-schoolers.

Most parents with toddlers and pre-schoolers love to spend  quality time reading with their little ones. Then for some reason at some point while listening to them repeat certain words we begin to question whether we could teach them to read.   Coupled with them repeating certain words and enjoying the moment we began to attempt to teach them the small three or two letter words.


My Child’s Absent Father

My child’s absent father: There are a number of single mothers whose children have different fathers.

Consider this:

As a matter of fact a University of Michigan Institute for Social Research study shows that One in five U.S. mothers have children with multiple dads. In addition studies from the National Longitudinal Survey of Youth shows that this kind of family structure is found at all levels of income and education.

Comparatively this type of family structure can lead to a lot more stress for everyone involved.  For the most part because the single mom need to juggle the demands and needs of more than one dad.

Then again some of those fathers are very much involved with their child’s life while some are not.  This also lends to more stress because it leaves the Single Mother in a very precarious position having to deal with these two dynamics going on in her life and her children’s lives.

Home (more…)

Making Your Son the Man Of the House

Making your son the man of the house is a common occurrence I’ve seen in a lot of single mother households.  And it seems to be a natural progression for boys in this situation.  Now this is a interesting topic to say the least. Because when coaching single mothers with this outlook concerning their sons they seem to not be aware that they are doing this.

Here is something interesting…    (more…)

How to Get More Energy & Stay Healthy for Single Parents

How to Get More Energy & Stay Healthy for Single Parents|One of the questions I’m getting from single parents is how do I have the energy to do all the things I need to do?  To point out most single mothers I coach has more than 1 young child under 12 at home.
Furthermore they work full time jobs and run businesses in corporate America or at home.  And while some have cars to get around to run errands others use public transportation.  Comparatively this often times can lend to draining more of your energy.  Because it takes longer to get somewhere which uses up more of your time. This is an important topic because so many of us just feel so drained.  For this reason we are not parenting our children with our best effort.   (more…)

Why Homeschooling Isn’t For All Single Parents

Why homeschooling isn’t for all Single Parents.?  A lot of Parents are starting to ask this question.  And rightfully so as more people become more knowledgeable about his story, her story, and my story.  Okay, I played with the words but I think you get it.  In fact, single parents are searching more and more for the idea of teaching their children themselves.

Did you know:


                      8 Benefits to Dating A Single Mom or Dad?

What’s the benefit of dating a single mom or dad? There are several benefits to dating single parents.  As a single mom and  listening to other single parents over the years I’ve observed a few reasons why you shouldn’t shewn the idea.

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