Parenting Masteryshops

Parenting Mastery-shops are innovative, empowering, inter-active and fun.

Parenting mastery-shops is all about bringing awareness that parenting starts with you.  The parenting mastery-shops came about from the inner child within me.  I love children, I love to laugh and most of all I love helping the most important people on planet Earth-Parents.  Consequently mastery  of yourself is doable and attainable.  And it is one of the most important endeavors you can do. That’s why I coined it mastery-shops.

Your Parenting Mastery-shops can be held at restaurants, meeting rooms or hotels. In addition I will come to your home depending on the area. These workshops are very interactive, enlightening, inspiring and fun.

I will hold two types of parenting mastery-shops of your choosing. One schedule will be for the mothers and fathers only and the other will be for Parents including their children. Parenting mastery-shops that include your children can be lots of fun. And you may even witness miracles happening right before your eyes!

The best day to have parenting mastery-shops is on Saturdays starting at 10:00 am for 2 hours for both mothers and fathers.  And in addition the workshops with the Parents and their Children will be on that day as well.  This is to accommodate the majority of parents that work throughout the week.  Although a week day can be scheduled as well in the evenings. Not to mention the best way to schedule your mastery-shop and discuss fees is by contacting me.  Fill out the my contact form and I will contact you within 24-48 hours to schedule a time to give you my full attention and answer your questions.

What will Your Results Be?

  • You will come away feeling empowered and armed with powerful information
  • The love & bond with your children will be deeper than you ever imagined
  • You will release deep seated hurts & pain unbeknownst to you
  • You will receive tips, suggestions and exercises to practice with your child/children
  • We will examine a few case studies to increase your awareness
  • Your children will come away with more respect for YOU and themselves

parenting masteryshopsWhat Happens At Parenting Mastery-shops

    • You will be introduced to a new way of thinking through scenario projecting
    • You will learn how to communicate effectively with your children even when you don’t say anything
    • We will be interacting and conversing with with our children and other moms and dads

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