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Personal Coaching

Personal coaching allows you to talk with a coach in a one on one capacity.  This type of coaching is very private and personal. Moreover most parents have a sense of comfort with this type of coaching.

  1. We meet either on the phone, in person or using skype which ever is more comfortable for you.
  1. You will be given customized “homework” in between sessions based on your need assessment.
  2. We will also review the previous week results and any challenges tat came up.
  1. I will send you an email follow to see how you are doing and address any questions you may have.
  2. I will also  send occasional notes you can refer to on your “homework”.

You can expect to increase your parenting skills and have a more awareness of your parenting style.  In addition you will become more cognizant of your  behavior.  You’ll also find your patience in all situations, which will give you more clarity. I am very intuitive and will use this to help you “see” where your opportunities are to make changes.  These sessions are our coaching relationship, not therapy.

This personal coaching is for YOU the Parent, not the child.  Therefor every method, technique and tips will be geared toward mastering your parenting skills.  As a result you will become more aware of your reactions, and your tones. We will go over child development stages and how to have “inner-standing” of their behaviors at these different stages of their lives. Moreover you will gain the know how to nurture their growth, emotions, and mentality at each stage.

Your results will be that your relationship with your child/children is strengthened with an unbreakable bond. Your son/daughter will have a more open communication with you.  This in turn will foster trust & respect. Yours will be the voice of reason, and command.

Most people like personal coaching because it has a more  intimate feel with it.   Most parents say they can focus better as well.  Here’s an interesting article on children to further your thoughts about your relationship with your children.

  • Most of my Clients are single Parents, who are working a job, running a business,  or going to school.   Consequently they have followed the ways of their parents, aunts, uncles, and dad with no results, or at least not what they desire.
  • These mothers/fathers lead very busy lives and they realize they need a little help and more parenting skills. And in that case from someone who is doing the same thing and can relate.
  • I am open to all Parents, because sometimes, (probably often) we are single Parents even when married.

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